The San Diego Budōkai are a small group of individuals committed to studying the traditional sword and hand to hand martial arts of Japan (Ko-ryū  Budō).  We welcome new students, but must first ensure that they are a good fit for our dōjō.  The training is serious and requires the utmost commitment from from the student, therefore serious students only need apply.  Prospective new students may be invited to view several classes only after a screening process and application to ensure a good fit.   

San Diego Budōkai train at Hōshin Dōjō located at a private residence in the hills of Poway.

To expedite this process please answer the following questions in your inquiry.  

  •  Which style are you interested in?

  •  Are you over 18 years of age?

  •  Have you studied any martial arts and if so what style(s) and for how long?

  •  What is your desire or expected outcome from training?

  •  Why do you wish to train at the San Diego Budôkai specifically?

Please answer each of the questions above to ensure a response to your inquiry.